Comprehensive CFD solutions

Design, test, optimize, reduce the cost!

We offer modern solutions in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Our solutions are up to 80% cheaper in comparison to the competition thanks to the use of the OpenFoam package.

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Our mission

The main goal of SimSoftLab is to provide the support for companies in energy, automotive, shipbuilding, architectural, aerospace and all other industries, where fluid mechanics exerts a fundamental influence on functionality of manufactured products. This support is based on the implementation of modern CFD modeling methods in heat-flow processes in order to optimize the shape and performance of newly-created products. SimSoftLab offers both the sale of the customized CFD software as well as carrying out CFD calculations per customer request. The strategy to use the non-commercial software is undoubtedly exceptionally attractive alternative for the currently most popular commercial solutions.

We have an advantage over the competition!

With the current, extremely high cost of the commercial software for CFD, only big corporations can afford to but it. SimSoftLab meets the needs of small and middle size companies by offering solutions based on OpenFoam software. Such an approach allows us to offer you the products and services at a very attractive prices. Thanks to SimSoftLab, the numerical analysis have a chance to become the indispensable part of the design process in your company, which will significantly increase the quality of your products or the whole production process. Gain the advantage over the competition! See what we can offer to you and what are the potential benefits you can get by the cooperation with SimSoftLab.

Our software

One of our assets is the sale of the fully customized software for CFD computations. It means, that the software offered by SimSoftLab can be adjusted each time to particular customers’ requirements. Additionally to this, the software contains the package of modules that support the modeling process in such a way most of the operations, are done automatically (mesh generation, definition of boundary conditions, performing the computations and post-processing). This approach reduces a number of actions the user has to do and the only input is the proper geometry, which in turn limits the number of possible mistakes to minimum.

The way we work

Each time we deeply investigate the customer’s issues in order to provide the services on the highest quality level. Good understanding of physical processes gives us a possibility to develop a reliable numerical model, as well as to define the optimal number of simulations that must be performed in order to find a solution. Gain the advantage over the competition by incorporating modern CFD modeling to the product and process development. Wish to know more on our products and services? We encourage you to contact us as well as to go through our webpage – Our offer.

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