Customized software sale

We offer the comprehensive solutions for performing CFD computations. The complete package includes:

  • fast working station customized to individual needs of the client, operating on LINUX system
  • installed and properly configured the OpenFoam package in the latest, available release
  • developed by SimSoftLab a software (see the Software tab) responsible for automatic CFD calculations, customized to the individual needs of the customer

The customized software chooses boundary conditions, starts, performs and monitors the numerical calculations in OpenFoam. After computations are finished, the software automatically generates the result file in the form of the report.

The unique feature of our products is the fact that each code is modified for the particular application per customer’s request. In contrast, all of the currently sold commercial softwares require the technical knowledge from the fluid mechanics, programming skills and application of numerical methods for solving the problems related to fluid flow and heat transfer. For each release of our customized software, as a standard, a package of modules is added for automated process of pre-processing, numerical computations and post-processing. All of the above mentioned features of our software cause that it can be operated by an engineer who is not trained in the field of numerical methods and fluid mechanics. The proposed software, each time defined according to the customer’s request, eliminates the need of hiring the employee – expert in CFD – but also due to the automated process of numerical computations, the only input by the user is limited to the change of the initial geometry. This reduces the risk of possible errors to minimum but also speeds up the entire process and simplifies the analysis of results. Our software is also capable of generating automatically reports in the format of pdf files, which contains the most important information describing the process or product of analysis. The report is sent by e-mail to the user, just after the computations are finished.

More about our software can be found in Knowledge base.

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