Our company

SimSoftLab company was founded in 2016 and focuses on implementation of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approach in small and medium size corporations. Relatively small prices of our services and products, which can be achieved thanks to effective use of non-commercial solutions, makes our offer more attractive for a much wider audience than solutions offered by our competitors. The use of numerical methods and knowledge offered by SimSoftLab employees will allow to improve a quality and competitiveness of your products.

SimSoftLab hires people with passion who acquired their knowledge about numerical methods and CFD in polish and Cranfield University. Our team members come from scientific and industrial environments. Such a combination allows us to have a diversified insight into specific problem when looking for both theoretical and practical solutions bearing in mind cost reduction when maintaining the quality of analysed products/processes at the desired level. We have a number of scientific achievments: PhD diplomas in CFD and number of publications in top world scientific journals, as:

  • Applied Matchematical Modelling
  • Chemical Engineering Communications
  • Applied Thermal Engineering
  • International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Applied Energy

We always strive to extend our knowledge and experience by acquiring an actual solutions related to numerical methods in order to deliver success to our customers. We are also ready to face new challenges emerging from the continuous progress in industrial applications/processes. We are deeply convinced that cooperation with SimSoftLab will bring you benefits in the form of better, high quality, competitive products. For us it will be a great opportunity for further development.

MMTK Sp. z o.o.

ul. Zapolskiej 10/42

42-200 Częstochowa

NIP: 9492215678

REGON: 366839331

Numer KRS: 0000669616

Sąd rejonowy w Częstochowie,

XVII wydział gospodarczy krajowego rejestru sądowego

Kapitał zakładowy: 5000 zł

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