• SimArchiLab

    SimArchiLab is a modern numerical tool allowing to perform CFD simulations of airflow around buildings or even large urban areas. This software can be particularly useful at the design stage of new residential zones as it allows visualising the air flow around buildings and hence it allows to analyse the wind comfort and wind safety for pedestrians.

  • SimCarLab

    SimCarLab is applicable to simulate a flow around any type of ground vehicles. It is particularly dedicated to designers of cars and its external components, like spoilers. CFD simulations allow performing an optimisation of newly designed geometry of a vehicle aimed at reduction of aerodynamic drag force.

  • SimDronLab

    SimDronLab is a software devoted to the CFD simulations of airflow around unmanned air vehicles (UAV). This modern numerical tool allows a user to determine any parameters characterising performances of an analysed object as: lift force, drag coefficient or the boundary layer separation angle.

  • SimGyroLab

    SimGyroLab has been developed with a view to support designers of gyroplanes. This software can be used to determine the lift force for any vehicle speed and for any rotational speeds of rotor and propeller. SimGyroLab may serve as an effective optimisation tool when determining the length and the shape of rotating elements.

  • SimMedLab

    SimMedLab is an easy-to-use software for simulating the flow inside internal organs and blood vessels. The analysis of the results help to understand any deviations from the normal work of internal organs.

  • SimValveLab

    SimValveLab is dedicated to simulate gas or liquid flow through any type of valves and other hydraulic elements, like pipes or elbows. This software will allow the user performing diagnostic tests of a newly designed elements or even small hydraulic installations.

  • SimYourLab

    You haven’t found a software that meets your expectations? Contact us, describe your problem, and we will create a software, that will be perfectly suited to the specification of the products and problems you are facing every day.

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